Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bund Sight Seeing Tunnel

The entrance of Bund Sight Seeing Tunnel

Oriental Pearl Tower viewed from Bund Sight Seeing

Bund Sight Seeing Tunnel Cable Car

West Nanjing Road

Spent whole day at West Nanjing Road and Oriental Pearl Tower
Since it was in weekend, so crowded along the road to Bund Sight
There are many unique and huge buildings around

Sight Seeing Shuttle

Huge buildings along the Bund Sight

Zhuang Qiao Town

Planned to visit downtown during weekend
Took subway from Zhuang Qiao to People's Square
Transitted at Xin Zhuang station in between from Line 5 to Line 1

Zhuang Qiao town

Routes for various public bus service

Public bicycle rental tag device

Public bicycles waiting to be rented
Maybe these bicycles gone if provided in Malaysia

Xin Zhuang Interchange Subway Station

Subway and expo information on screen

In the subway
Not really crowded when departing, but suffer while coming back

Finally arrived at People's Square station
Below is the exit from the underground subway
Every station entrances have polices on duty

My hotel is quite far from downtown
Took almost one hour journey.. Tired..

Madoka's Birthday

Celebrated Modoka's birthday in a mongolia restaurant at Shanghai

Madoka from Japan

She is hyperactive!!!
After candle blowing, she went to dance on the stage!!!


Comments written by people from different countries in different languages..


For those who can't take spicy food
Please beware of this chicken from KFC in Thailand
Extremely spicy!!!
I have taken so many glasses of water after one bite on this chicken..

MK Restaurant

Famous steamboat restaurant in Thailand where you can find it everywhere

MK Mascot

Steamboat ingredients

Placed all the ingredients into the cauldron

Besides steamboat, they also have these as well:
Green noodles
Taste good if eat together with roast duck

BBQ and roast pork

Dim Sum

Suprisingly, we have enjoyed dancing performance while we enjoying our meals!

Country Place

Having our dinner at Country Place
Located behind Future Park Thailand

Got shocked once this tower (5 liters) served to our table
But still we managed to finish it at last

My best buddies from ex-company
Missing the happy moments with you all

Liew and his newly married wife
Sweet couple

Tradisional performance on stage

Initially, it is just a normal restaurant with Thailand traditional show
But the time reaches at 10pm onwards, the ambient of the restaurant changed
The DJ starts to play the lighting and remix songs..
Customers stand up sing & dance!
Quite impressive~
It is a nice place to hang around after long nervous and stressful work..